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Qilu plastic factory completed the annual task of new products two months in advance. Facing the severe market situation and benefit pressure, Qilu Petrochemical plastic factory will make the operation of the experimental machine more efficient this year. The development and production of new products and special materials is an important means of "adjusting structure and creating benefits". From January to October, the cumulative output of new products and special materials of the plant was 143037 tons and 224388 tons, accounting for 23.50% and 36.86% respectively. Among them, the new products exceeded the planned production by 41426 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 37781 tons; The production of special materials exceeded 51982 tons, with a year-on-year increase of 461. Compared with the standard high molecular weight peek class of 63 tons, the annual development and production targets of these two types of products were completed 2 months ahead of schedule

"travel north and South" to find business opportunities

October 8, the first day of the National Day holiday. After finishing his morning work, diaochunsen, the director of the plastic factory, immediately called the directors of relevant departments and polymerization plant workshops. At 15:00 p.m., he will drive to Linyi City, Shandong Province to conduct plastic Market Research

during the whole day investigation on the 9th, they kept communicating with local plastic associations and dealers, investigated the plastic raw material market and plastic products market, and visited customers, "close contact" with the market and customers

the factory director led the team to "personally" enter the market for research, which is the performance of the factory to further establish market awareness and practice. Since the beginning of this year, the factory has actively changed its ideas, increased its market research efforts, and sent technicians every month to investigate the market and promote products. In line with the basic idea of "searching the information of new products that can make money and selling their own products", we "travel around" to find the market, market and sell products

according to the market research, this year, the factory successfully developed more than 10 new products, such as high-density polyethylene heat shrinkable film, linear polyethylene transparent film, high-rigid roll plastic, polypropylene transparent material, and so on. The new product development "has achieved fruitful results in this year's K Exhibition"

The special material for heat-resistant polyethylene pipes is a new product developed by the plastic factory using new catalysts to fill the domestic gap. It is also the "special product" that the factory has entered the market in recent years. At present, it has become a trump product in the field of domestic "best sellers"

"taking quality as the guide to improve market share", in line with this idea, since this year, the plastic factory has strengthened quality improvement, further improved the quality of new products such as heat-resistant polyethylene, promoted sales, and made the products truly become a hot "pastry" in the market. In the month when the tensile strength of carbon fiber (T800 grade) is ≥ 5.8gpa, the factory seized the market opportunity and carried out the expansion production of heat-resistant polyethylene in the high-density device. On the basis of the output of 7931 tons completed in July, 9299 tons and 8003 tons were produced in August and September respectively, which increased the supply and created more benefits. By the end of October, 60192 tons of this product had been produced, and the annual plan was 158.40%, with a year-on-year increase of 23662 tons, further expanding its market share. It is particularly gratifying that through efforts, the price and profitability of this new product of the factory have also gradually improved, becoming one of the key efficiency products

since the beginning of this year, all devices in the plastic factory have been based on the concept of "no one, I have, I have precision", and have made great efforts to produce characteristic products according to their own characteristics. The linear device focuses on rolling plastic and winding film material. In January, the product output of rolling plastic dndb7149u and winding film material qllf20 increased by 2713 tons and 3134 tons respectively year-on-year. The polypropylene plant has actively developed and produced new qpr01 pipe products, and has produced 1057 tons this year, which has been preliminarily recognized by the market

"customization" won a win-win

after going to work on the morning of November 10, the relevant person in charge of the technical management department of the plastic factory negotiated with a customer about the new linear polyethylene products, so as to arrange production as soon as possible in the near future. This is the seventh new product specially "tailored" for customers according to their needs this year

since this year, through market research, the factory has kept close contact with customers, carefully cooked "special meals" according to customers' different needs, and better achieved "win-win cooperation" with customers. The high-pressure polyethylene unit developed and produced three film material series products for customers, with a total output of 3219 tons, which was sold out at the end of October. Linear device has also developed and produced four products for customers, including ultra-high UV resistant agent roll plastic and transparent film material. The price is higher than that of similar products usually produced. The implementation of "customer customization" for new products not only better optimizes the product structure, but also promotes sales and product benefits

optimize production scheduling and increase efficiency benefits

since this year, the plastic factory has focused on the market and benefits, and actively organized product optimization scheduling. "Extrusion" device has a large capacity to produce marketable new products and special materials with relatively good benefits

at the beginning of the year, aiming at the relatively good benefits of linear products, the plant timely arranged the high-load production of the unit, and timely organized the production of titanium catalyst products in No. 2 high-density unit according to the supply of raw butene. After March, in view of the "rising" market situation of high-density special materials, the plant adjusted production in time to improve the horsepower of the device, and produced more chromium catalyst products

after May, according to the idea of "optimizing work should closely follow the market" and the principle of "what makes money, what produces", the factory adjusted the product structure of the two sets of high-density devices, and further concentrated on the production of heat-resistant polyethylene, film materials and other products for new products and special materials with good benefits. In January, the factory achieved an efficiency increase of 16.15 million yuan by optimizing the product structure

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