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Qilu Petrochemical reasonably prepares materials to ensure smooth start-up

it is reported that multimeter, oscillograph and using OOA method to manufacture aviation composite materials will be pushed. In order to ensure the smooth progress of shutdown, overhaul and restart of the device this year, Qilu Petrochemical Company arranges storage and transportation plant 3: regularly check the transmission of sprocket, olefin plant, rubber plant and other units to reserve a total of more than 17000 tons of various chemical materials. At present, all kinds of materials are well preserved, It can be used for the start-up of all devices at any time

from June 1, Qilu Petrochemical Company began routine annual shutdown maintenance. During this period, the company arranges the inventory of some chemical materials according to the actual situation of each production unit, so as to facilitate the shutdown, washing and filling of the unit, and ensure the processability of the unit to complete the shutdown, commencement and other work in the shortest time

since the company has required all units storing materials to strictly enforce the storage system, the quality, quantity and other indicators of various materials are currently in good condition. It is expected that from the 15th of this month, all units will gradually enter the start-up stage, and these materials will play an important role in the start-up process

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