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Qilu Petrochemical: the output of polymer grade propylene reached a new high

Qilu Petrochemical: the output of polymer grade propylene reached a new high

September 25th, 2018

in August, the output of polymer grade propylene, the intermediate product of ethylene plant in Qilu Petrochemical olefin plant, increased significantly, with 29630 tons completed in the whole month, the highest level in the same period in history

polymerization grade propylene is produced by propylene Software and user interface: Chinese and English test use software As an important component of the product, its purity is better than that of chemical grade propylene. It is an important basic chemical product. 600 to 900 tons of products are sold directly every month, and it is also an important raw material product for downstream devices. The olefin plant has been scientifically controlled and reasonably optimized. While taking measures to increase ethylene production, the output of polymer grade propylene has been increased

the cracking workshop of the plant overcame the bottleneck of high-temperature production and realized load increase. August is the hottest season of the year, and the physical state of materials in the unit is also affected. Problems such as difficult to increase the load of ethylene unit and high pressure of distillation tower have occurred one after another, which restrict the increase of product output and cause the loss of raw materials. Engineers and technicians immediately organized to tackle key problems and study solutions. Through sampling analysis, it is found that the tower pressure of three propylene towers is higher than the normal value, and the propylene content from the tower kettle increases. "The higher the load, the more serious the loss." Feng Bingkun, deputy director of the cracking workshop, felt that this problem was very annoying. They first worked hard on the propylene tower to find out the root cause

"if the weather is hot, you can apply the right medicine, starting from cooling down." Zhu Lei, the deputy director, grasped the contradiction and found a breakthrough, "increase the condensing equipment, and first reduce the temperature in the tower." They overcome the problems of tight construction period and insufficient temporary conditions, and used a newly decommissioned heat exchanger as the overhead condenser of the propylene tower to optimize the process and reduce the tower (3) use a suitable wrench to connect each oil pipe kettle to add heat, supplement fresh water, increase circulating water volume and improve heat exchange efficiency. With the implementation of a set of technical measures for repairing the old and recycling the waste, the temperature of the three propylene towers has decreased, the pressure has decreased, the amount of propylene falling to the tower kettle has also decreased, and the recovery of polymer grade propylene products has increased significantly

"this is not enough. There is still propylene loss in the tower kettle. We can further optimize the process." Feng Bingkun, who pursues perfection in microelectronics technology, came up with another technological transformation measure. After research, they added a gas extraction line to connect the propylene condensed in the reflux tank to the chemical grade propylene line, "this can increase the processing capacity of the device, and the accuracy is not easy to ensure, improve the propylene utilization rate and reduce losses." After the implementation of the two technical measures, the system pressure and temperature returned to normal, the product output increased, and the unit load exceeded 105 tons/hour, creating the highest ethylene load since this year

the workshop has done both to increase the load and optimize the process operation. According to the usual experience, first of all, according to the calculation data of Spyro software, analyze the recent raw material composition, slightly adjust the cracking depth and temperature, always pay attention to the propylene tower parameters, implement the edge clamping operation, find out the rules, carry out the fine operation, collect more polymer grade propylene with high benefit value, and less chemical grade propylene, so as to maximize the product output

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