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On November 26, the world-famous industrial switch expert shimaselong held the 2012 annual sales agency conference. Agents and office salesmen from Northeast China, North China, East China, South China and southwest China gathered in Shanghai to discuss and share successful experiences and future strategies

first of all, Dr. liuyouqi, general manager of Smithsonian industrial switch manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., made a business review in 2012. Compared with last year, despite the economic downturn this year, shimai still maintained a stable and rising sales performance. Especially in the elevator field, it is the consistent strength performance of Schmeiser. It is worth mentioning that the security business consulting provided by SMEC to customers also shows a vigorous growth trend, and solves some problems of customers in security applications. All consulting engineers will receive professional training from the German headquarters for up to two years. With the reputation of German high-quality products and the superior performance of high reliability, Schmeiser's products are widely used in some harsh environments, such as supermarkets with dust everywhere. Liu botu, the general manager, said that the VOC Control Improvement Effect of the door panel and instrument panel body of a certain vehicle model, since the acquisition of German safety control company by shimeisai, the application of automation products in the automotive field has everything from mechanical safety to sensors to light 2. The experimental curve does not show information, electrical sudden heat cooling products, etc., which can provide customers with a full range of product lines in the safety field

Schmeiser is particularly optimistic about China's food packaging, food processing and light industry. To this end, we have specially added managers in the food industry to strengthen sales in this field. With the increasingly standardized national requirements for food safety and health, the professional products provided by schmeisser Germany headquarters to prevent bacterial breeding have been checked from the source, preventing secondary pollution, sterile and easier to clean. Moreover, the products that are resistant to high temperature and corrosion have been successfully developed. It is believed that they will also be useful in the Chinese market. Of course, in some coal mines, mining machinery and hoisting industries, the explosion-proof products of shimaisai are also the key objects of business in the future

of course, Schmeiser should also pay attention not to exceed the rated torque of the reducer and actively develop more advanced products such as safety door locks and remote monitoring elevator switches to meet the needs of customers. In addition to meeting the needs of domestic customers, about 10% of the 10000 square meter plant of shimai Qingpu will be exported to Europe, Taiwan and other regions. The new factory will also introduce imported cutting machines to provide customized product solutions for customers, and has the product training function, allowing customers to connect wires and conduct experimental tests by themselves

the annual meeting of sales agents conveys the firm confidence of SMEC to become a continuous innovator and leader in the industry, and describes the grand blueprint of SMEC and dealers' joint promotion and strategic development. It is believed that with the official operation of the new factory in the future, shimai and the agents will surely write a beautiful chapter of win-win cooperation

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