The 2010 annual meeting of China Glass Fiber Indus

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The 2010 annual meeting of China Glass Fiber Industry Association will be held in Zhejiang Province. Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the world economy has been in turmoil. China's economy will enter the post crisis Dynasty together with the world. The world economic growth mode and development pattern will be further adjusted, and there are development opportunities for the glass fiber industry in the crisis

in the face of the challenge of international trade protectionism, in the process of dealing with anti-dumping investigation cases, there have been a series of problems, such as the reduction of exports, the rapid growth of production capacity, the increase of inventories, etc. The CCPIT will hold the 2010 annual meeting of China Glass Fiber Industry Association in Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province from November 5 to 7, 2010. This meeting will carry out in-depth discussion on the development direction of the glass fiber industry during the 12th Five Year Plan, release industry information, exchange experience, and inform the glass fiber industry of its response to anti-dumping

the standard was released on April 25, 2013, but with the increase of the number, the main contents and topics of the meeting:

1 Discuss the development direction of glass fiber industry in the 12th Five Year Plan

2. Report the anti-dumping trends of glass fiber

3. Development status of basalt fiber in China

4. The application of glass fiber in the field of dust removal under the background of environmental protection

5. Causes of vibration of Jiashan hydraulic universal testing machine for glass analysis development history of fiber weaving factory

6. Introduce the 12th Five Year Plan of Shaanxi Huate glass fiber material Group Co., Ltd

7. Presentation of new products and equipment of relevant companies and enterprises at home and abroad

8. The sixth session of the Fourth Board of directors and executive directors' meeting was held

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