The 2011 Annual EHS activity month of zhihuodou mo

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Doosan 2011 "EHS activity month" officially launched

Doosan 2011 "EHS activity month" officially launched

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Guide: on March 1, 2011, Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. officially launched EHS activity month. This activity aims to protect the environment and create a green Doushan; The theme of cherishing life and creating a better home is to improve the EHS awareness of employees and their enthusiasm to participate in EHS management. Morning

about the relationship between stress and strain when data succumbed (on march1,2011, Doosan construction machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd. officially launched the "EHS activity month". The theme of this activity is "protect the environment, create a green Doosan; cherish life, and create a better home". The purpose of this activity is to improve the EHS awareness of employees and their enthusiasm to participate in EHS management

at 10:00 a.m., the launching ceremony was held in the studio as scheduled. General manager Kang Youyu, deputy general manager Ju Yingshu, department heads, production team leaders and employee representatives attended the launching ceremony

at the ceremony, based on the actual production of disd, the company's EHS department explained the pivotal role of EHS with sufficient facts, and introduced in detail the schedule and promotion plan of various activities in this year's activity month. This activity month began on March 1 and lasted four months. During this period, the team will conduct self inspection of hidden dangers and repeat 14 Host size: 700*420*1600mm DNW (2) 000 publicity and implementation, team EHS essay solicitation, cartoon, EHS knowledge contest and a series of wonderful activities; On June 30, the activity month summary meeting will be held. At that time, the company's leaders will issue certificates and prizes to the teams and individuals with outstanding performance and outstanding achievements

then, general manager Kang Youying delivered a speech on the event. President Kang pointed out that disd has always been committed to building the enterprise into a clean, healthy and beautiful home, and has made every effort to avoid accidents. Therefore, general manager Kang Youyu put forward ardent expectations for everyone, and hoped that all employees would always remind themselves with EHS awareness, protect the environment and cherish life. It is also hoped that through this activity, the production and service quality will be comprehensively improved, and the EHS work will be improved with the goal of zero accident; 2011 is a year full of opportunities and challenges for disd. While driving the bridge deck market with independent production, it will continue to expand the export scope of export-oriented loaders. Therefore, all of us at disd are required to make concerted efforts to make full preparations for the peak season sales with high enthusiasm and vigilance

with the encouragement of the general manager's earnest expectation, the employee representative, leader Li, led everyone to read out the oath: "strictly abide by EHS procedures and actively participate in EHS management. Tye ⑴ 00, tye ⑶ 00 and tye ⑷ 00 originally produced by the factory are hydraulic loading, pendulum force measurement, semi open structure, cherish life, protect the environment, refuse to violate regulations and start from me!" The sonorous and forceful reading resounded through the meeting, and I believe that EHS awareness will be deeply engraved in the minds of every employee

work safety is everyone's professional ethics, not just an activity. We hope that through this activity, the vision of green Doosan and a beautiful home will be deeply rooted in the hearts of every employee. We will also actively respond to 2011 full of opportunities and challenges with full passion and sense

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