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The 2008 China Semiconductor Market Annual Conference was successfully held in Shanghai. The "008 China Semiconductor Market Annual Conference with the strong support of the state" was held as scheduled in Shanghai from February 28 to 29, adhering to the successful experience of the previous four sessions. The annual meeting was co sponsored by China Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA), China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute (CCID group) and Shanghai integrated circuit industry density reduction Association (Sica), organized by CCID Consulting Co., Ltd. and co organized by Shanghai Zhangjiang (Group) Co., Ltd. With the theme of "understanding trends and grasping business opportunities", the annual meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the main topics such as "current situation and trends of global and Chinese semiconductor industry market", "entrepreneurial opportunities and investment environment", "development of digital TV, mobile TV and TV market", "industry change" and "green energy conservation"

The annual meeting witnessed the rapid development and prosperity of China's semiconductor market in the past five years since 2005. Although the market still maintains rapid development, we have also noticed that the development speed of China's integrated circuit market and industry has slowed down. According to CCID Consulting data, the scale of China's semiconductor market exceeded 600billion yuan in 2007, including 562.37 billion yuan of sales in the integrated circuit market, with a year-on-year increase of 18.6%. Although it maintained a rapid development momentum, the market growth rate decreased significantly compared with previous years. On the basis of professional research and accurate analysis, CCID consultants released 20 "annual reports on China's semiconductor market focusing on five fields and industries: plastic products, plastic molds, plastic machinery, plastic modification and trading market" at the annual meeting, and shared the research results of hot products such as chips, power devices and digital consumer chips with the conference representatives

more than 600 representatives from the semiconductor industry at home and abroad jointly and enthusiastically discussed the hot spots and development trends of the global and Chinese semiconductor markets during the two-day meeting, and agreed that the network communication market represented by products The digital consumer market represented by digital TV and the energy-saving demand market represented by the innovative materials such as power devices and the basic components such as Solvay engineering plastics, which are widely recognized in the industry, are becoming the internal driving forces driving the growth of the semiconductor market, while the constantly optimized development environment and increasingly perfect supporting policies have become the external driving forces to promote the rapid development of the industry

at the same time, the participants also said that the imbalance between market supply and demand, the hidden worry of overheated investment, the pressure of international competition and the compression of product profit space are also unavoidable problems in industrial development. Creating a more fair and orderly development environment, grasping the development law of the market and industry, and complying with the trend of global competition have become the key to industrial progress and enterprise development

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