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When a decorator was decorating, because there was no indoor pipeline distribution map, the natural gas pipeline of the gas water heater was accidentally chiseled through during the process of smashing the wall. After hearing the cries of the decorators, a resident upstairs hurriedly dialed 110 and 119. However, while everyone was waiting for firefighters to come to the rescue, the decorator actually stood aside and smoked. Finally, the maintenance personnel of the gas company came to turn off the valve to avoid the accident

according to the decorator, the family will redecorate the house and ask him to come and smash down some partition walls. "This is an old house. The head of the household said that he didn't have a pipeline distribution map, but only said that there was nothing in the wall. Who would have thought that when he hit that position, he suddenly heard the sound of 'pop pop', and then smelled the natural smell. The head of the household didn't tell me where the gas valve was, so I had to run out."

hearing someone shouting about the gas leak, other residents in the building rushed out, and a resident on the third floor immediately dialed 110 and 119. However, while everyone was waiting for the firefighters, the decorator actually smoked cigarettes as if nothing had happened, and was finally stopped by the residents. After the police and firefighters arrived, they informed the maintenance personnel of the gas company. A few minutes later, the gas maintenance personnel rushed over. The maintenance personnel first tried to block the damaged part of the pipeline with a cloth. When they failed to find other ways, they just found the gas pipeline valve hidden under the cabinet. Because the pipeline maintenance after entering the valve is carried out by the residents, the maintenance personnel left the site after turning off the valve

the police reminded citizens that they must find a professional company when decorating. When the decoration company constructs, it must also pay attention to various pipelines in the wall




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