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When the deep and natural wooden floor is popular, as a traditional floor decoration material, ceramic tiles still have a strong market purchasing power. Especially when the popular designs and colors of ceramic tiles are like clothes, and different new products are launched every season, the ceramic tiles that lead the trend have also become the darling of the home decoration market

when deep and natural wooden floors are popular, As a traditional floor decoration "> decorative material, ceramic tiles still have strong market purchasing power. Especially when the popular colors of ceramic tiles are like clothes, and different new products are launched every season, the trend leading ceramic tiles have also become the darling of the home decoration market.

then," National Day " What kind of tiles should be purchased during the golden week to keep up with the pace of fashion? Expert advice: when buying ceramic tiles, you should follow the principle of only buying the right ones, not expensive ones, According to home "> the home style determines the color and pattern, and the price should be determined according to their own decoration budget. Before the festival, the reporter specially searched the latest ceramic tile information in Xi'an market, hoping to provide some reference for owners to purchase ceramic tiles.

fashionable and bright

porcelain glazed tiles have always been a traditional product in the ceramic tile market. Under the continuous impact of fashion trends, glazed tiles originally dominated by white, beige or embellished with simple lines have changed from Face began to upgrade. At present, porcelain glazed tiles with fashionable, bright and simple colors and metal glazed tiles with metal texture have replaced the traditional glazed tiles in the market, showing a completely different decorative style. Glazed tiles, which are natural, simple, rugged, elegant, or retro, with different styles and schools, lead different popular styles of home decoration, so they are favored by many young people

applicable area: living room, bathroom, kitchen

retro fashion

compared with traditional tiles, antique tiles are undoubtedly a "dark horse" in recent years, and have become a class of flooring products with different styles in the tile market. The reporter learned from the Daming Palace and other comprehensive home building materials markets that, influenced by the retro home decoration style, metal glazed sheepskin tiles have been the most popular products among antique tiles since last year. This antique sheepskin brick not only has the noble coldness of metal glaze, but also has the softness, elegance and delicacy of sheepskin. When it is paved on the ground, it does not have the cold feeling of traditional tiles, and the deep, gray retro tone creates an unusual classical atmosphere. Many owners who buy large houses and villas like to choose antique tiles to shop in the lobby, living room and other areas to show the owner's taste of life

applicable areas: lobby, living room, bedroom

big bricks are in the ascendant

in addition to upgraded glazed tiles and emerging antique tiles, polished tiles with continuous technological innovation are also one of the mainstream products in Xi'an ceramic tile market. In the case of continuous competition among manufacturers, the texture of polished bricks is getting closer and closer to stone. Many polished bricks have both the permeability of jade and the texture of stone. In addition, new breakthroughs have been made in the quality indicators of ceramic tiles, such as smoothness, antifouling, antiskid, wear resistance and water absorption. In terms of specifications, large-area polished bricks are very popular because of their role in extending space, while in terms of hue, white and beige of light color series are still the current popular style





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