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In days, we often have accidents around us, especially when we go out, the safety problems of the elderly and children at home will always touch our hearts

in days, we often have accidents around us, especially when we go out, the safety problems of the elderly and children at home will always touch our hearts. If there is a "24-hour safety housekeeper" in days, we will deal with many back-looking concerns, As the first ground defense for home safety, door locks have the obligation to shoulder the burden of "24-hour safety housekeeper"

as the leader of the career trend of smart doors and windows, Yichen launched smart doors and windows based on people's actual daily needs, made special functional planning for minor children and temporary visitors at home, and took care of people's family safety in subtle places

common children's window planning, baby care safety

in recent years, with the acceleration of the pace of the day, many parents can't take care of their children from time to time, and malignant events caused by their children being alone at home are often reported in the newspapers: in 2016, a 10-year-old girl in Ningbo heard a stranger knock on the door, and she initially refused, but she couldn't help but be curious to open the door, and was robbed and injured by entering the house; In 2012, when an 8-year-old girl in Shenyang was alone at home, she was cheated to open the door by robbers disguised as mature people, and more than 10000 yuan was robbed from her home; In 2010, a 12-year-old girl in Huai'an City was abducted because she couldn't resist the fraud of human traffickers when she was alone at home...

on the one hand, parents are afraid that children don't have a strong awareness of prevention, and when she is alone at home, she will simply be induced by bad guys to open the door; On the other hand, it is difficult to completely avoid leaving children alone at home. The children's window planning of the safety doors and windows of Aichen just solves the parents' trouble

the traditional mechanical lock can be easily opened by children from the door when they are at home, which is easy for criminals to stand by and move. In contrast, eichen Tiexin takes into account the use of children. There is a child lock under the inner door handle of the Aichen safety door and window, which can be turned up and down to lock the handle, and it can't be unlocked from the inside, so as to avoid the accidental unlocking of active pets or naughty children. This plan can also prevent thieves from prying the lock from the cat's eye with tools, and bring the greatest sense of security to users. It is worth mentioning that users can check whether the child lock is lifted through the app, and can know the status of the door lock at any time

app long-distance distribution, not afraid of temporary visitors

after sharing the worries of parents with a child lock, the security door and window of Aichen also provides the function of issuing temporary codes to help people deal with the needs of temporary visitors. In daily life, people often face the situation that visitors visit temporarily but they are not at home, such as cleaning aunts visiting and friends visiting temporarily. At this time, in addition to going home to open the door in person, Yichen safety doors and windows provide a better solution for the owner

the temporary password of the support of the security doors and windows of Aichen enables the owner to send long-distance messages to visitors through the mobile app, saving time and effort. And unlike the traditional mechanical lock key, which is simply copied, the owner can set a one-time useful code or phased useful code for temporary visitors, restrict their use times and time, and do not worry about the code being copied. If the mobile phone is lost, users can forcibly log out of the login status of the original mobile phone by logging in to another mobile phone

in addition to long-distance operation, the owner can also delete codes and add settings through the app, without looking at the instructions and guarding the door lock to operate back and forth, and experience the feeling of one-stop control of technology and security

abnormal long-distance prompt, timely warning of risks

in addition to issuing temporary codes for long-distance, Aishen safety doors and windows can also realize long-distance intelligent alarm. When the door lock is pried, the password is input wrongly for 5 times, and the fingerprint is input wrongly for 15 times, the user's mobile phone and the administrator's mobile phone will immediately receive the alarm call. Compared with the single alarm method of general smart doors and windows, Aichen also provides four early warning methods for lock prying, including password, fingerprint double alarm and telephone and SMS double prompt, so as to ensure that users can receive warning information in time

in addition, Aishen safety doors and windows have a super endurance of up to 15 months, and users will be prompted to pay attention to charging through the app when the battery is low. Even if there is no power, the user can unlock the lock by temporarily supplying power through the spare key or power bank. It can be said that eichen is like people's 24-hour "safety housekeeper", who sticks to his post and takes care of the family for people

as a household intelligent security brand under Yunding technology, a well-known domestic smart home security company, Aichen now has a complete set of basic home intelligent security products, such as Aichen smart door and window security doors and windows, Aichen smart door and window classic, Aichen smart cat eye, self generating doorbell, smart door and window sensor, etc. In the future, eichen will continue to work in the field of family security to make the residence safer




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