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Wall cloth is also called "wall cloth". Fabric for wall mounting. Cotton cloth is used as the base cloth, and printed or embossed on the base cloth. It is also woven with jacquard. The patterns used are mostly geometric figures and flower patterns

wallpaper is actually an upgraded version of wallpaper, which is a popular decorative material in recent years. Moreover, the wall cloth is a high-end decorative material made of hemp, grass and other plant fibers. Its style is simple and natural, elegant and generous, and has a strong flavor of life, giving people the feeling of returning to nature. The following small series will introduce the advantages of wallcovering and the tips for using wallcovering

what is wallpaper

wallpaper is an upgraded product of wallpaper. It also has changeable and colorful patterns and magnificent colors. Because of the use of silk, wool, hemp and other fiber raw materials, the texture is better than wallpaper, which is called wall fashion. Most of the surface materials of the wall cloth are natural substances. The surface texture after special treatment is soft and comfortable, and the texture is more natural, and the color is more gentle. It has great artistic effect and gives people a warm feeling. The wall cloth has the same environmental protection as the wallpaper, and has stronger sound absorption and sound insulation performance. It can also prevent fire, mold and moth, and is also very scrub resistant. The flexibility, non-toxic, tasteless and other characteristics of the wall cloth itself are not only suitable for paving in crowded living rooms or restaurants, but also more suitable for paving in children's rooms or bedrooms with the elderly

advantages of wall cloth

1. Seamless splicing: the wall cloth can be cut quantitatively according to the perimeter of the household wall cloth. There is no seam after it is generally pasted to the wall surface, and there will be no curling, edge warping, cracking, and glue penetration. The height of the wall cloth is 2.7 meters, and the height of the general wall surface is about 2.5 meters, which fully meets the needs of the wall height

2. Wear resistance of parapet: compared with wallpaper, the wall cloth is more wear-resistant. There is no need to worry about black marks or scratches due to long-term contact or friction of tables, chairs or other hard objects, and there will be no white exposure due to the posting of hanging calligraphy and paintings

3. Environmental protection and tasteless: real cotton, hemp, polyester, silk and other materials are used as fabrics, and all kinds of pure cloth are used as surface main materials. It has the characteristics of continuous tearing and unbreakable tearing, so it has strong tensile property. It can cover, protect and condense the cracks caused by putty on the wall. The formaldehyde content of the product is much lower than the national standard

4. Mildew proof and waterproof: it has a good function of adjusting humidity. If the wall humidity is high, it can remove the moisture in the wall through tiny pores to prevent the wall from mildew and falling off. Because the product itself can maintain a certain humidity, it can give customers a feeling of warm in winter and cool in summer

5. Sound insulation and heat insulation: it adopts exquisite and special profiles, with concave and convex surface texture and high-grade material coating treatment on the back. This special structure can effectively absorb sound energy, reduce vibration frequency and intensity, and this structure has strong barrier ability for low-frequency sound, realize perfect sound insulation and heat insulation performance, and ensure the elegance and comfort of the indoor environment even in places with more noise

tips for using wall coverings

1. Ceiling paper can be reused. When you paste it on the top of the room for the first time for several years (generally 3-5 years), you can consider replacing it once. At this time, you only need to buy a bucket of latex paint and brush it once, which is very time-saving, labor-saving, low cost, and has the same effect as the new one. In other words, the surface of the wall cloth can be reused, making you a very environmentalist

2. Furniture, doors and windows, wall cabinets, tables, can be pasted with wall cloth. In this way, your wall cloth can reduce waste in use. The extra paper head when pasting the wall can be fully utilized

3. When purchasing wall cloth, if it is the estimated area, try not to buy more. If it is not enough in use, you can buy it again. If it is too much, it is not good to return it. Because the wall cloth is different from ordinary materials, it has batch problems

4. Specially ordered wall cloths and damaged packages cannot be returned or replaced

5. For customers who are not the construction unit of wall cloth sales, please try to hire professional construction masters for construction. If the losses caused by construction are generally not borne by the wall cloth manufacturer

6. Stains on the surface of the wall cloth, broken ends of the whole roll of wall cloth, incomplete printing and other phenomena are unqualified goods. If found, stop work immediately and ask for replacement

editor's summary: This is the introduction of the advantages and tips of the wall cloth. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more about it, you can pay attention to the information




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