Expansion and decoration method of 63 square meter

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Nowadays, house prices are getting higher and higher. Small houses are too crowded and large houses are too expensive. How can we buy cheap and live comfortably? Today, the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network takes you to see how wuhan carnival decoration designers help the 63 square meter small family homeowners of Optics Valley free city save space

Restaurant Design

design focus: stair wall storage

editor's comments: the layout of the restaurant is very simple. Three dining chairs, a dining table and chandeliers with industrial characteristics constitute the restaurant space. However, the background wall of the restaurant is not simple at all. The trapezoidal background wall is not only a stair wall, but also a storage wall. The refrigerator embedded in the wall greatly saves the kitchen space, several embedded lockers increase the storage space, and any corner space is extremely used for storage. It can be seen that the designer is really working hard to save space

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