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Lubrication characteristics of iron and Steel Metallurgical Machinery (I)

I. lubrication characteristics of iron making and steel-making equipment

1 Lubrication of iron making and sintering equipment

iron making and sintering equipment, such as coking machine, coke pusher, limestone and ore sintering equipment, large blower, ore bucket traction wire rope and other furnace top equipment, cupola, blast furnace, belt conveyor and so on, are mostly exposed to the atmosphere, dust and corrosive smoke environment, and are prone to corrosion, abrasive wear and cavitation. The corresponding bearings, reducers, gears, worm gears, hydraulic systems, wire ropes, etc. should be lubricated

coking machinery must be sealed and lubricated because it is often exposed to the air filled with pulverized coal. For example, the hydraulic system of furnace door switch, bottom turning car and water spray quenching car should generally use water glycol and other non combustible hydraulic fluid; The shaft of belt conveyor shall be lubricated with lithium base or compound calcium base grease

the coke pusher works indirectly and is under impact load. It is in the environment of coal dust and high temperature. It needs to use extreme pressure lithium grease with good heat and water resistance or use oxygen resistant and rust proof extreme pressure lubricating oil for circulating lubrication. The hydraulic system also needs to use flame-retardant hydraulic fluid

some machines for gas purification and chemical by-product recovery have dust and corrosive smoke, so the lubricant used for gas exhausters should be oxygen resistant and rust proof turbine oil, and a circulating lubrication system with filters should be used

limestone and ore sintering equipment often work under the conditions of dust, vibration and high temperature, so composite calcium base, composite lithium base, bentonite or composite aluminum base grease should be used

the dry oil lubrication system of No.0 or No.1 extreme pressure lithium grease can be used for lubrication of furnace top equipment such as large blast furnaces and ore hopper traction wire ropes, and the phosphate flame retardant liquid can be used as the hydraulic medium for furnace top machinery. The hot metal chartered car has a large load and high temperature, so it needs extreme pressure lithium grease with a drop point greater than 125 ℃

2. Lubrication of steel-making equipment

the operation of modern steel-making furnaces is controlled by computers, with a high degree of automation. The equipment used requires corresponding lubrication systems and lubricants

The preparation method of the sample of Mooney viscometer and the conditioning of the sample before the experiment will affect the Mooney value

in the oxygen converter equipment, the oxygen blowing converter is supported by the limit rotation shaft, the supporting rolling bearings are lubricated with molybdenum disulfide lithium grease, and the hydrostatic bearings and polytetrafluoroethylene oil pads can also be lubricated with grease. Medium load or heavy load industrial gear oil lubrication of converter drive gear. There are many lubrication points for main auxiliary equipment such as exhaust fan, motor, loading crown block and crane, which are lubricated by the corresponding grease dry oil lubrication system, and the driving gear is usually lubricated by oil bath

the rolling bearings of the continuous casting machine, including the caster turntable, crown block, mold swinger and ingot taking platform, are under high temperature and are generally lubricated with composite aluminum base grease. The lubrication of the mold uses lubricants that prevent mold wear and adhesion

the hydraulic medium of continuous casting is usually water glycol type or phosphate type medium

3. Oil for metallurgical equipment

1) sintering equipment:

belt reducer: 150 industrial gear oil; Disc feeder reducer: 150 industrial gear oil; Elastic slideway of sintering machine: No. 1 composite aluminum base grease; Sintering machine smoking machine bearing: HL32 hydraulic oil; Wheel bearing of sintering machine trolley: composite aluminum base grease; Raw material grab crane: 150 industrial gear oil for reducer; 2 general lithium grease for wheel bearings

2) ironmaking equipment:

blast furnace steam turbine blower: HL32 hydraulic oil; Electric clay gun machine: 320 industrial gear oil for gear transmission; Mud silk orange and thrust bearing: No. 2 general lithium grease; Blast furnace charging winch reducer: 220 industrial gear oil; Feeding winch wire rope: ZM type wire rope grease; Centralized lubrication of the sealing device of the furnace top cloth and the large and small bell pull rods: filtered waste oil; Weighing car: axle oil for running bearing bush; Air compressor: 100 reciprocating compressor oil; Reducer: 150 industrial gear oil; DuPont Zytel fr 95g25 v0nh and DuPont crastin fr 684nh are the latest halogen-free lubricating systems in DuPont high performance materials division: No. 1 composite aluminum base grease; Hydraulic system: l-hl32 hydraulic oil; Hot blast stove: l-ckc100 industrial gear oil is used for various valve reducers, and semi fluid lithium grease is used for all open gears

3) steel making equipment:

open hearth reversing valve worm gear reducer: 460 industrial gear oil; Open hearth drum, turn over the measurement and control box, power switch fan rolling bearing: No. 2 general lithium grease; Metallurgical cranes (hot metal tank cranes, ingot cranes, ingot removal cranes): 320 and 460 industrial gear oils are used for each reducer, No. 1 composite aluminum base grease is used for the centralized lubrication system, ZM type steel wire rope grease is used for steel wire ropes, semi fluid lithium base grease is used for open gears, and 320 and 460 industrial gear oils are used for worm gear reducers; Mixer: 320 and 460 industrial gear oil for reducer and 1 composite aluminum base grease for centralized lubrication system; Raw material crane (magnetic crane, grab crane): 150 industrial gear oil is used for reducer, 2 general lithium grease is used for wheel bearing, and ZM type steel wire rope grease is used for steel wire rope

4) steel rolling equipment:

thin oil system on rolling line: 460 industrial gear oil (medium and heavy load); Concentrated in dry oil lubrication system: No. 1 composite aluminum base grease; Thin oil lubrication system of main motor bearing: 32, 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil (oil film bearing oil); Open gear: semi fluid lithium grease

note: industrial gear oil can use l-ckb, L-CKC or L-CKC, L-CKD (medium and heavy load) industrial closed gear oil

II. Specification for lubrication characteristics of rolling mill. The force value of tensile sample is 60% - 90% of the full-scale force value in this range. Select

(1) rolling mill: its main equipment includes rolling mill working base, universal joint shaft and its balancing device, gear base, main coupling, reducer, motor coupling, motor, front and rear coiler, uncoiler, etc

(2) lubrication requirements of rolling mill: dry oil lubrication, such as the input roller track, pusher, outfeed machine, vertical roller, base, rolling mill roller track, rolling mill working roller, rolling mill screwdown device, universal joint shaft and support, head cutter, looper, guide plate, output roller track, coiler, coiler, washer, ingot Turner, shearer, disc shear, edge crusher, plate chopper, etc. of the furnace in the hot strip mill are used for oil lubrication; Thin oil circulating lubrication, such as Baosteel 2030 five stand tandem cold mill, the lotion system for strip steel cooling and lubrication, the uncoiler, five stand machine, feeding roller, rolling shear, guide roller, steering roller and coiler, gear oil, temper mill and other equipment lubrication of oil film bearing system of each frame; The bearings of high-speed and high-precision rolling mills are lubricated with oil mist and oil air


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