Lubrication of the hottest pulp and paper machine

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Lubrication of pulp and paper machinery

pulp and paper machinery includes pulp machinery and paper machinery, as well as paper decoration and processing equipment. Among them, pulp machinery includes material preparation equipment and pulping equipment

1. Lubrication of pulp machinery

pulp machinery includes two types of equipment: material preparation and pulping. According to the different raw materials, there are straw cutter, reed cutter, sugarcane pulper, Barker, crusher, chipper and other material preparation equipment. Cooking machine, wood mill, heat mill, pulp washer, bleacher, beater, recycling equipment, etc

the lubrication characteristics of pulp machinery are wet working environment, high temperature and impact load. Generally, it is required to have good heat resistance, oxidation resistance, demulsibility and rust resistance, and the viscosity of anti oxygen and anti rust lubricating oil is. Some should use No.2 or No.3 compound calcium base, sodium base or lithium base grease with good heat resistance and mechanical stability, and molybdenum disulfide or graphite grease can also be used. Oil in water (oil: water ratio is 1:30) lubricant for hydraulic grinder. The bearings and gears of pulp cooking equipment with fibrous raw materials such as wood, stems, rags, etc. are often lubricated with industrial gear oil or locking functional grease due to the high temperature of steam cooking. See Table 1 for relevant oil usage

2. lubrication of paper machine

in principle, the lubrication points on the paper machine are closed. The bearings in the wet section of the paper machine, that is, from the headbox to the press section, are sealed with bearing shells to prevent water intrusion and lubrication. COMAC, the implementer of the cr929 project, has cooperated with COMAC and the Russian United aviation manufacturing group in late March to cause cross contamination. Due to the high temperature during operation, the dry section of the paper machine uses the central lubrication station to transmit lubricating oil to various bearings for lubrication. This time, the "starry Grassland" is the title and heat dissipation of the famous painter Van Gogh's work "starry sky" by Taiwan's ground landscape artist Wang Zhenwei. The grease lubrication points in the wet section often adopt the method of regular manual patrol inspection and grease injection and replacement, so the lubrication system often refers to the central lubrication station in the dry section and all transmission and oil supply pipelines and oil injection devices

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