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Great Wall lubricating oil shield machine lubrication scheme

"if you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen its tools". The rapid development of rail transit is inseparable from the equipment manufacturing industry. Chinese shield machines have gradually developed from "assembled in China" to "made in China", and have transformed into "made in China intelligently", becoming a powerful engine for urban rail transit construction. In the huge rail transit construction market, the demand for shield tunneling machinery is strong, and the industry is growing at a high speed

slurry balance shield machine produced by a heavy industry enterprise

shield machine is a major equipment with strong personalization, difficult technology, wide correlation and large market demand. Before 2009, about 85% of shield tunneling machines in China were imported. Among them, Herrick, Germany, which accounts for most of the market share in Europe, has the most eye-catching performance, with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, which ranks first in the world in terms of production of 1670 units, and wilt, Germany, which has multiple brands. Herek accounts for more than 70% of the domestic shield machine market. The "voice" of shield is in the hands of foreign investors

shield manufacturing in China has sprung up.

since 2002, China has been committed to "building the best shield in China". The Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China has included shield technology research in the "863" plan to achieve a historical breakthrough in China's shield from existing to excellent

China's shield is out of control. From October 2004, a tunnel engineering company in Shanghai launched the first "advance" Metro Shield prototype with independent intellectual property rights, to September 2009, a large-diameter slurry shield with independent intellectual property rights "Jinyue" with a diameter of 11.22m successfully ran through the Shanghai Dapu Road Tunnel double track project, marking that China has entered the ranks of shield countries with independent design, manufacturing and construction technology of large-diameter slurry shield

with the development of shield machine, "oil" Great Wall output

with the rise of shield manufacturing in China, the technical support of shield related materials is also changing with each passing day. For example, the remanufacture of the main bearing, the core technology of the shield machine, complements the short board of the remanufacture of the shield machine; For another example, in shield construction, the consumption of lubricating grease is also an essential part of the normal tunneling. The standard metro shield consumes a large amount of grease per meter. The main grease consumed includes main bearing lubricating and sealing grease, multi effect extreme pressure grease and shield tail sealing grease. The hydraulic propulsion system mainly uses hydraulic oil, and the main bearing lubricating system mainly uses gear oil. The degree of localization of shield tail sealing grease is relatively high, and the price is relatively cheap; Main bearing lubricating and sealing grease, multi effect extreme pressure grease, hydraulic oil and gear oil are mainly imported, and the price is very expensive

figures related to shield lubrication:

(1) hydraulic oil: l for each vehicle (hydraulic system includes main drive, propulsion system (including articulated system), screw conveyor, segment installer, auxiliary equipment hydraulic system)

(2) gear oil: small reducer: pieces, 10L each; Large gear ring: 300L (reducer for cutter head drive)

(3) the tunnel diameter ranges from 2 meters to 14.5 meters

(4) the excavation speed is about 30 meters/day (when the process is fast); Shield tail sealing grease consumption is about 20 tons/km (tunnel diameter 7.16m), cutter head sealing grease 40kg/h, and main bearing EP grease 4.5kg/h

it has been a part that we can't give up as Jinan assayer for many years. Sinopec Lubricant Co., Ltd. has been committed to the application research of lubricating grease in the shield machine industry, and the lubricating grease products have been trusted and supported by customers

• case 1: the special bearing grease for the great wall shield machine was successfully applied to the s-511 muddy water pressurized shield machine of heirik, Germany, in the water intake tunnel of a nuclear power station in Guangdong. The tunnel excavation diameter was 9.03 meters, the tunnel construction length was 8.4 kilometers, the continuous downhill height difference was 22 meters, the water intake tunnel diameter was 7.3 meters, and the design water flow was 100 cubic meters/second. Due to its large section, long distance and high difficulty, it is honored as "the first cross sea shield tunnel in China" by the industry. As it is a cross sea shield, the main function of the main bearing grease is to lubricate the main shaft and prevent mud or pollutants from entering the main bearing lubrication system through the seals, so there are strict requirements for the sealing performance of the grease; In addition, in the lubrication of the main bearing of the shield machine, the lubricating grease is first supplied to the multi-point pump by the pneumatic pump, and then sent to the corresponding oil supply point by each plunger pump on the multi-point pump. The lubricating grease is injected into the two chambers composed of three lip seals of the inner and outer seals of the main drive, so it is required that the lubricating grease must have very good pumping performance in a wide temperature range. The main bearing of this shield machine was originally lubricated with an imported brand of multi effect extreme pressure grease. The technical team learned from the side that customers still lack confidence in selecting domestic oil products. Knowing the customer's doubts and concerns, the technical team collected samples and made a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the imported oil products in use. According to the evaluation results, the technical team prepared an alternative plan, and actively responded to the technical problems, supply problems, emergency plans, etc. raised by the customer at the one-to-one technical exchange meeting. This exchange enables customers to have a new understanding of the high-end products of Great Wall lubricants, and enhances customers' confidence and determination to change to Great Wall lubricants. Finally, the customer selected the special bearing grease for the great wall shield machine. By monitoring the use, adhesion, water resistance, extreme pressure and wear resistance, it can well meet the stringent requirements for the sealing and lubrication of the main shaft of the large shield machine. In addition, ① energy conservation and consumption reduction, centralized grease pumping pressure, from 10MPa of the original imported grease to 8Mpa, the consumption of grease is reduced from 5kg/h to 4.5kg/h, and 1321kg of waste grease can be reduced, Reduce the impact on the environment; ② Better economic benefits, the user's lubrication cost decreased by 11210 yuan per ton, and the whole project directly saved 274851.12 yuan in procurement costs for customers

on-site dismantling of Herrick s-511 slurry pressurized shield machine

case 2: Great Wall L-HM 68 (high-definition and high-pressure fully realize the excess of foreign products) hydraulic oil is applied to two slurry balanced shield machines of Herrick s-991 and s-992 in Xiamen Metro Line 2 cross sea shield project

oil field

1. China's paper industry enterprises have increased their losses

as China's first and Asia's largest professional lubricant company, great wall lubricant is the "golden blood" flowing in high-end equipment such as shield machines. At present, Great Wall high-end hydraulic oil, AP series gear oil and TM series sealing grease are gradually being applied in many shield machines at home and abroad, and have become unsung heroes behind serving the intelligent shield industry

(Lu Shaohua, Sinopec Great Wall lubricants South China Technical Support Center)

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