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First, the content of the station is the core of improving traffic.

people go to the station to find and appreciate what they need. If your station has no content, people leave at a glance, and there are no repeat customers, then your station has 10000 traffic every day, which can only be regarded as a small station, my "Yake Chinese"

1. Reposition your station and strengthen your own construction

you can reconsider what kind of group your station will be suitable for, so you can adjust the content of your station pertinently, because I didn't think too much about building "Yake Chinese" at the beginning, but I just want to use it as a favorite, and I readjusted the positioning of the station after being reminded by my friends

2. Study the statistics of your own station

you should often study the statistics of your own station to see where people come in, go out, and stay on which pages for a long time. This will help us find out what people need and adjust the content of the station

3. Making hot topics

hot topics is a focus to attract people. You can make interrelated hot topics for the topics that people have paid close attention to in the recent stage. For example, there were many topics such as "Edison Chen" and "Yanzhao men" in the previous stage. Making such topics is to enable your regular customers to feel the outside world without leaving home, which is conducive to stabilizing their customer base

4. Reasonable paging

on the "Yake Chinese" forum, at first, in order to make it easier for me to post novels, I decided to modify the maximum text limit of a post to 200000 bytes, and then forwarded a novel "widow spring: me and widow landlord". As a result, it was easy to publish the article, but the speed of opening the page became very slow, and no one wanted to read it at all. Reasonable paging can not only improve your page speed, but also make your customer group stay longer in your station. At the same time, it also improves the PV of your station. Why not? However, you can't paginate for pagination. Pagination is a double-edged sword. If you're not careful, your customers will walk away dissatisfied. You must be careful about this

5. Add original content

the originality of station content is very important for a station. If you want to run your station well, I'm loyal to the Research Institute of Dongfeng commercial vehicle technology center. Liu Wei also invested in an offshore wind power facility. You must not be lazy to collect the content of other stations. If you are keen on collecting, what I said before is nonsense. You can write by yourself. For example, the articles I published on the webmaster, such as "the creativity of domain name is the value of domain name", "how to recover the experience of K domain name", "reasons and aspects of Baidu K station", "enterprise station promotion in my opinion", have been reprinted by major stations, which has also virtually improved the popularity of my station. Of course, I also want to thank well-known big stations such as "webmaster" and "Webmaster Station", They gave us such a platform

in fact, original articles are not all written by you. The simplest way is to make simple modifications. First modify the content title, modify the text of the content, the size of the text, the increase or decrease of the text, and change the position of the text. If it is a picture, you can download the picture and upload it to your own server (or virtual host), etc

we do all these actions, not to make you work hard, but to let Baidu, Google and other search engines automatically determine that the content of your site is original, not garbage resources. This is very necessary to improve the weight of your site's keyword content, and it can also make the search engine better include your site's content

6. Use popular keywords

if you have time, you can use some popular keywords. Search with Baidu and Google and look at the home page. If all the pages appear are other people's home pages, you give up. If all the pages appear are internal pages, you can use this popular keyword. The next step is to find the page ranking first, copy the title, keywords, description and content, and optimize the processing, so that your page presents a new face in front of Baidu, Google and other search engines, Because you are processed on the basis of the original first place, you will be better and more outstanding than the original page in all aspects. Finally, make a good connection in our website, so your page should be more perfect. Why not be respected and valued by Baidu and Google for such an excellent and perfect page

second, after the successful construction of a comprehensive promotion station

station, people may not come to your station with only good content. The reason is very simple. You don't have popularity, and people don't know you have such a good station. This is why we started to promote. Others have talked a lot about the promotion methods, but I'll briefly say it here

1. The soft text of the propaganda station itself

very aptly describes the function, purpose and concept of our station. This is very important for us. A good soft article can not only increase our traffic, but also increase the weight of our station. As for how to write the soft text, you can refer to the relevant content on the webmaster. If you still can't write it, you can leave your contact number in the reply, or you can go to the "Yake Chinese" forum to discuss with us

2. Improve the number and quality of search engines

without Baidu, Google and other search engines, it is very difficult for children to develop without their parents. If the station has not been included by Baidu or is not included quickly, you can go to the station with high update frequency of Baidu and put the link of your station. In this way, the spider of search engine may reach your station faster. If you don't have such good resources, start a blog in some authoritative websites. Write a few original articles. Then make the connection of your own station on the blog. Most of the high-quality pages are original ones, so I listed the item "increase original content" separately above, because a large number of original ones improve the weight and collection of stations, which is very beneficial. In particular, some friends may go to Baidu Post Bar and Baidu know to send spam posts. It is recommended not to do so. It is not worth the loss to do so. In the long run, it will have a negative impact on your station. Of course, if you have to go, just take it as if I didn't say so

3. Increase valuable external links as much as possible

the sales volume reached 300million euros in 2013

valuable external links are very important to find your site. I was surprised to find that some external links can bring you hundreds of thousands of traffic a day when I was studying the traffic of "Yake? Chinese". Of course, there are also a large number of worthless external links. In addition to explaining the existence of this link, I don't know the benefits, because it's hard to say whether they can bring a traffic a day together. Now it's reasonable to recall what a friend of mine said. He said, "10000 external links are not worth much, and they don't bring as much traffic as a valuable external link."

4. Manage your own links

managing links is a relaxed but cumbersome thing. I think webmasters can do it. I don't need to explain it in detail, but I need to remind you to pay attention to a small skill, that is, when connecting with others, the connection name can directly write the keyword you want to do. When choosing friendship connection, if possible, connect with stations with high PR, which is conducive to the improvement of PR of your station. In particular, don't connect with some garbage stations, and don't connect with stations that have not been included by Baidu or Baidu K. If you are Baidu K, you will be implicated

5. Other methods

other methods are the ones mentioned above. For this reason, they can be used for household appliance shells, toys and other common products, such as chat tools, mass messenger software, e-mail, going to 66 books to buy books, and other publicity methods. However, I think it is enough as long as I do well in what I said above

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