Lubrication management of the hottest offset press

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Lubrication management of offset press

lubrication is an important part of the use and maintenance of offset press. Proper and reasonable lubrication of equipment can reduce harmful friction and wear of parts, prolong the service life of offset press, prevent parts from rusting and heating deformation, give full play to the service performance of offset press and reduce function loss

first, improve the understanding of the lubrication work of offset press

offset press is a relatively precise equipment. When the offset press is running, the relative movement of gears, cams, chains, opening and closing teeth will produce friction, resulting in wear. Lubrication is the most economical and effective way to reduce the wear of parts. Lubrication plays an important role in reducing wear, corrosion, heat dissipation, sealing, damping and vibration reduction

II. Establish lubrication management system

1 Establish a catalogue of standard names of lubricating materials, classify lubricating materials, and select lubricating materials for lubrication planning and implementation

2. Prepare lubrication plan. Formulate daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual lubrication plans according to the "five fixed" principle of lubrication, and draw lubrication charts

3. Prepare lubrication implementation report and unplanned lubrication implementation table

4. Conduct oil quality analysis. Record the inspection and analysis of lubricating oil quality to form a statistical report, which is convenient for dynamic analysis to improve work

5. Waste oil recovery and treatment

6. Consumption statistics

7. Formulate acceptance standards for lubrication conditions. Together with the equipment management, maintenance and use personnel, the acceptance shall be carried out according to the standards and recorded

8. Formulate reward and punishment measures. The purpose of linking lubrication work with personal interests is to reward diligence and punish laziness and ensure the safe operation of equipment

third, the implementation of lubrication work - "five fixed" principle

the so-called "five fixed" lubrication, that is, fixed point, fixed quality, fixed quantity, fixed time, fixed person

1. Fixed point. According to the operation manual of the offset press, analyze the performance characteristics of each offset press, determine the lubrication position and lubrication point of each offset press, and mark the lubrication method and lubrication cycle in the form of lubrication chart, so that the operator can be familiar with the structure of the offset press, so as to clarify the work without omission

2. Qualitative. Add and replace the lubricating grease and lubricant of the specified brand according to the parts specified in the lubrication chart. Lubricating parts and lubricating and oiling tools should be kept clean. Observe and test the lubrication parts of the offset press, and carry out daily inspection on the lubrication condition. Timely handle, analyze and record lubrication accidents such as oil leakage and seepage. If possible, the lubricating oil shall be tested according to the national standards, and filtered to reduce the content of impurities and prevent dust and debris from entering the printing machine, so as to ensure the quality of lubricating oil and lubricating quality

3. Quantitative. On the premise of ensuring the good lubrication of the printing machine, in line with the principle of saving oil, the quantitative consumption of oil, the recovery of waste oil, and the timely treatment of oil leakage are implemented to avoid waste

4. Timing. According to the time specified in the lubrication chart, the lubrication parts and lubrication points of the printing machine are multi-purpose: equipped with different sensors for cleaning, refueling and oil change to ensure that the parts of the printing machine are lubricated in a timely and good manner. And according to the actual use of each printing machine and the failure speed of lubricating oil and other factors, the lubrication cycle is reasonably adjusted. The lubrication work must be carried out under the static state of the machine. It is strictly forbidden to add oil when the machine is started up and running

5 fixed person. A clear division of labor and responsibility lubrication system must be established, so that the cleaning, oil filling and changing of each lubrication part are in the charge of a special person

IV. lubrication points of offset press

1 The lubrication of Feida parts cannot be ignored. Several cam surfaces should be lubricated with a small amount of engine oil. It should be noted that the paper delivery suction nozzle and the paper separation suction nozzle are made of self-lubricating materials, and there is no need to refuel, otherwise the paper powder and shape 2 will be accumulated Complete destruction: electrostatic discharge destroys into sludge and accelerates wear

2. Check the oil quantity in the rubber protective sleeve of universal coupling and supplement it

3. The motor electromagnetic clutch should be filled with oil once a week

4. The paper delivery teeth directly affect the paper delivery accuracy, requiring flexible, accurate and stable action. Grease the paper delivery teeth shaft, drive cam and eccentric sleeve at both ends every week

5. The accuracy and flexibility of the front gauge and side gauge are the guarantee of the accurate positioning of the paper, and they should also be lubricated every week

6. When refueling, do not drop oil on the paper belt, paper receiving roller, motor pulley and ink roller when the conveyor is coated with amine compounds, because the motion friction of these parts is beneficial

7. Always check the working condition of the oil circuit at the drum, such as whether the oil pipe is blocked, etc. The roller pillow should also be wiped clean and coated with an appropriate amount of grease

8. The oil pool should be cleaned and replaced with lubricating oil every quarter. The oil circuit alarm valve oil shortage indicator sends a signal indicating that the oil pressure is insufficient. At this time, the oil tank and oil pump filter should be cleaned immediately, and the iron filings attached to the magnetic block in the filter and the sundries outside the filter copper should be cleaned to ensure the cleanness of the lubricating oil. When refueling the oil pool, the height shall not be lower than the oil level indication height; It should not be too high, otherwise it will cause oil leakage

9. The paper delivery teeth, the teeth of the embossing cylinder, the teeth of the paper receiving cylinder and the paper receiving teeth row should be cleaned and lubricated every month to ensure the same sigh force and flexible rotation. Of course, lubricating oil is not the more the better, to avoid splashing out and defacing the print

10. Grease the ink roller, heavy roller bearing and bearing seat once a month to ensure that the roller rotates flexibly and is easy to disassemble

11. When the die plate of offset press is exposed outside the wall panel, the grease should be cleaned before lubrication

12. The lubrication of the chain is also very important, especially the paper receiving chain should be scrubbed and cleaned, and the oil cup should be filled

13. The safety bar node should also be lubricated, which cannot be ignored

14. Poor lubrication is an important reason for the damage of the air pump, such as too high temperature rise, too much noise and insufficient air force. Therefore, appropriate special lubricating oil for the air pump should be selected

15. Don't put lubricating oil on the machine pedal. HP 1 has been committed to the research and development of 3D printing technology and materials to prevent slipping

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