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Luxiuqiang: glass deep processing started, making traditional culture a Chinese model. First, a temporary worker who was dismissed by the glass factory vowed to do a good job of glass for China. Looking at President Lu now, who can think of him, who graduated from high school at the age of 19, because of malnutrition, his height is less than 145cm. In order to make a living, he entered the Suqian glass factory and worked hard for three years, but he was ruthlessly dismissed because he came from rural areas and was a temporary worker. The audience can enter and leave for free. Although three years of work experience did not change his still poor life economically, he saw the backwardness of China's glass industry and inspired his determination to expand and strengthen China's glass industry and make glass products. From that moment on, President Lu never separated from the glass industry

1992, with his original intention, President Lu started his entrepreneurial career with a glass store with 2000 yuan borrowed

President Lu still laments the difficulties at the beginning of entrepreneurship. Every day, he runs to customers during the day and grinds glass at night. With 18 hours of work intensity, he works for a whole year. Also with a sincere attitude, Mr. Lu won his first big customer: Meiling. However, because of backward technology and insufficient experience, he experienced the double hit of 10000 pieces of glass return and compressor explosion, which made him not only penniless, but also owed a huge debt of 3000 yuan

there was no way. Survival was a problem. At that time, Lu always had to work on the South offline to pay off his debts. Walking on the streets of Shenzhen every day, working hard during the day, dragging my tired body through the overpass at night, walking to the humble residence. Every time he saw the vagrants begging on the overpass, he would take out the money in his pocket and give it to them one by one. Every time he gave it away, he would think sadly in his heart that if he couldn't win this turnaround, he might one day become one of them, and then wander all over the world. Now to relieve the vagrants, it would be like buying a way for himself to beg During the period of working in Shenzhen, he gradually understood that although working can relieve the temporary economic pressure, he will never solve the unhappy complex related to glass, and the idea of continuing to engage in the glass industry from scratch became more and more firm

in 1994, Lu xiuqiang returned to Suqian and restarted his beloved glass business with 400ml and 600 yuan of blood money. President Lu, who is now worth billions, still regrets the fearless choice at that time

Second, several financial crises have been reborn under the accumulation of personality

no one's life is smooth sailing, and President Lu is no exception. After observing the size, style and quality of refrigerator glass of more than a dozen brands such as Kelon and Haier, he boldly improved it from the needs of the refrigerator factory, and asked someone to design the drawings and produce according to the drawings. Due to the new style, good quality and low price of the refrigerator glass produced, it has been unanimously praised by many refrigerator factories. President Lu also took this opportunity to knock on the door of cooperation between well-known household appliance enterprises in China

however, in 1996, due to the logo event of Xinfei refrigerator, the company encountered a full return of 150000 covers, which once again put the newly improved business into the dilemma of bankruptcy. This time, with his reputation and personality in the industry, President Lu received financial assistance from various parties and raised 200000 funds to tide over the difficulties

in 2000, with the development and expansion of the company's business, President Lu applied to the bank for a loan of 2million yuan to purchase equipment and expand production scale. However, at the critical moment, the loan was blocked, and the company's capital chain was facing fracture. This time, the company's leading cadres, grass-roots employees and business partners all spontaneously extended a helping hand and helped each other. In just three days, 2million yuan was collected to help the company tide over the difficulties. There is no doubt that the reason why this matter can be solved smoothly is still the accumulation of Lu xiuqiang's reputation and personality for many years

in the treacherous market, there may be tens of millions of career development and progress, but in the midst of crisis, people can still give generously. Maybe there is only accumulated character and reputation

III. diseases and accidents can't stop his determination to save the enterprise

in 2005, the blockbuster "Kelon refrigerator incident" occurred, and more than 500 refrigerator supporting manufacturers, including xiuqiang glass, couldn't get the payment. Anxious, President Lu sprained his foot in a hurry and broke out five times in two months

in order not to let tens of millions of loans drift, but also to live up to the expectations of employees, President Lu, regardless of his own situation, walked around Kelon Group with crutches for many days, got 3000 refrigerators to offset the payment, recovered more than 8 million losses, and once again pulled the enterprise back from the brink of bankruptcy

setbacks and baptisms of secondary and death did not make him depressed, but made him more rational, fuller and stronger

IV. in the millions of glass debris, the "heart of a fine chemical craftsman"

after the continuous accumulation of the domestic market, xiuqiang glass opened the first step in the international market in 2010. Then, this first step did not succeed, but failed. Because the colored crystal glass customized by Hitachi worth more than one million yuan was returned because the other party said there was a "color difference" problem. Xiuqiang employees were despised and abused by the Japanese because of this incident

in fact, it's not that xiuqiang colored crystal glass is bad. In fact, they fully meet the requirements of Chinese glass products standards, but there is a certain difference between them and Japanese testing standards. This incident did not make President Lu retreat from the international market, but strengthened his determination to do a good job of China glass. In order to make all employees pay attention to the problem of product quality, President Lu completely smashed this batch of glass worth millions in front of all employees. This smashing, smashing is not rigorous, but cast the craftsman's heart. Since then, the company has been working hard at quality control from top to bottom. Not only has there never been a glass quality incident, but also has won the market and respect for quality and a wider range of cooperation. It is understood that at present, xiuqiang's glass products have occupied more than 70% of the market share in the harsh Japanese market, which is inseparable from the strict quality control of President Lu and xiuqiang's team

those who achieve great things must have great virtue. Next, I'll give you a detailed introduction. 1. Those who have great virtue must receive heaven's help. In 2020, Lu xiuqiang of Dade will lead Dashang xiuqiang shares to ride the wind and waves and move forward all the way! I believe the future will be better

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