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Lubrication and application of open gears in ball mills and rotary kilns

the oil and gas injection lubrication system of open gears is mainly used for the lubrication of open gears in ball mills, rotary kilns, coal mills and other equipment, and also for the lubrication of gears in gear reduction boxes. At present, there are many methods to lubricate the open gears of ball mills, rotary kilns, coal mills and other equipment, but the main method is manual lubrication or oil pool splash lubrication. One common feature of these two lubrication methods is that they are colorless, odorless and suitable for food. Only lubricating oil can be used, and semi flow grease containing solid components cannot be used. For large open gears, the effect of spraying semi flow grease containing a certain percentage of solid components (such as graphite) will be better

manual lubrication is one of the most backward lubrication methods, and the amount of lubricant cannot be controlled at all. To sum up, the waste of lubricating oil is to focus on the characteristics of pendulum impact testing machine and the relevant introduction of normal maintenance is very serious. Oil pool splash lubrication is the most commonly used lubrication method at present. It immerses a part of the driving pinion in the oil pool, brings the lubricating oil up by the rotation of the pinion, and then brings the lubricating oil to the passive gear through gear meshing. This lubrication method also cannot control the amount of lubricant, the waste of lubricating oil is also very serious, and it will also pollute the environment of equipment operation; At the same time, due to the wear caused by gear meshing, the metal powder will enter the oil pool, causing the pollution of lubricating oil, and the polluted lubricating oil will aggravate the wear of gears

when the open gear is lubricated, the oil-gas injection lubrication system can spray lubricant onto the loaded tooth surface of the pinion (drive wheel) through the nozzle. When the pinion is meshed with the big gear, the lubricant will be brought to each meshing surface of the big gear. The spraying of lubricant is continuous, and the spraying time depends on the number of revolutions of the big gear, so as to ensure that each loaded tooth surface of the big gear can be evenly covered with a layer of fine lubricant in each lubrication cycle

When installing the nozzle, pay attention to the installation angle of the nozzle and the distance between the nozzle and the lubricated surface. If the tooth surface is wide, multiple nozzles can be installed side by side. The area sprayed on the tooth surface by two adjacent nozzles should have a small overlap, so as to ensure that there is no lubricant on the tooth surface, so as to improve the durability of the spray blind area. Because of the use of single quality nozzle, it can continuously spray the tooth surface, rather than the instantaneous intermittent injection like the double quality nozzle, so it can ensure that each tooth surface of the engine produced today can be covered with a layer of uniform and fine lubricant

spray lubrication of open gears has the following advantages:

● greatly prolong the service life of gears

● reduce the noise during gear operation

● the consumption of lubricant is very small

● the spray amount and spray time of lubricant are arbitrarily adjustable

lubricant for open gears:

the lubricant for open gears should be a solid lubricant (such as fine graphite crystals) Semi fluid grease, which cannot contain solvents or bitumen. It should have the following characteristics:

● prevent wear and corrosion

● resist chemical reaction and heat

● resist water

● have strong adhesion but do not stick dirt

● reduce rust caused by friction

● have heavy load characteristics (end)

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