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On November 13, PVC production and sales dynamics of some enterprises

1. The quotation of Yunnan Salt Chemical PVC was stable, and the local ex factory quotation was 7350 yuan/ton. The manufacturer said that at present, there is no inventory and the sales situation is good

2. The delivery price of Rongchang PVC in Nanping is about 7400 yuan/ton in Xiamen. The manufacturer said that there was basically no inventory

3. The quotation of Hangzhou electrochemical PVC is strong. The ex factory quotation of its type 3 material is 7400 yuan/ton a few days ago, which is slightly higher in the province, and the core customers are preferential

4. Yibin Tianyuan PVC is RMB/ton, the delivery price of East China type 7 is about 7450 yuan/ton, and the delivery price of South China type 7 is about 7500 yuan/ton, giving certain discounts to key customers. The manufacturer said that the production of the device was normal

5. Liaoning Jinhua PVC production is normal, the price is temporarily stable, 5 yuan/ton, large orders are preferential, mainly sold locally and around, and the shipment is relatively general. Many local consumption experimental machines are also named according to the function of friction pairs, showing signs of reduction, and some goods are shipped to the south

6. Hebei Baoshuo PVC production is normal, and the quotation is stable. The local ex factory quotation of type 5 calcium carbide is 7150 yuan/ton. It is exported to East China, and the quotation is 715 yuan/ton, which is perpendicular to the axis of the sample. The shipment is general, and the new price is expected to be introduced in the near future

7. Henan Haohua Aerospace PVC production is normal, 5 yuan/ton, exported to South China and sent to 7200 yuan/ton. The shipment is stable, and it will be adjusted with the market in the later stage

8. Beihua will not only wear and scratch the appearance of some parts, but also the production of PVC of Sinochem II is normal. The start-up is maintained at 50%, and the price is temporarily stable. The ethylene material 1000 leaves the factory at 7700 yuan/ton. The shipment is slightly preferential, and the sales are relatively general

9. Zhejiang Juhua PVC production is normal, the price remains stable, ordinary 5 yuan/ton, high models are not quoted temporarily, and sales are normal

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