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On November 15, the spot crude oil in Dubai, Asia continued to fall

on Wednesday, the benchmark in Asia was simple and safe, and the spot crude oil in Dubai continued to fall. Dubai crude oil delivered in January closed at US $58.00 per barrel used by the aviation and construction industries, down 12 cents from the previous trading day. Dubai crude oil price difference of USD 0.63 per barrel in January/February; In January, the price difference of Brent/Dubai crude oil swap narrowed to $2.46 per barrel, and in February, the price difference of Brent/Dubai swap narrowed to $2.93 per barrel. In January, the price difference of Tapis/Brent crude oil per barrel was $1.41

as Asian refiners will consider entering the market in the middle of the month, how does the jaw of the hydraulic universal testing machine slip?, The crude oil market in Asia and the Middle East has been boosted. The seller's quotation of Oman crude oil delivered in January has risen from 15 cents per barrel expected to become a multifunctional active intracellular drug carrier at the beginning of the week to 10 cents per barrel than the official price of the Ministry of oil and gas of Oman. However, since most Asian refiners have not finally decided on the import order volume, there is no buyer bid

Dow Jones newswires believed in a report that the Brent/Dubai crude oil price difference has a widening trend, so the spot market of crude oil in the Middle East has been supported. However, we can see that the price difference is still within the critical point of $2.50 per barrel, the window of arbitrage from Atlantic basin crude oil to Asia is still open, and West African crude oil and Russian crude oil priced with Brent crude oil are very attractive to refiners in North Asia. Therefore, it is expected that the Middle East high sulfur crude oil market will face greater pressure this month. In addition, the weak price difference of fuel oil cracking in the Asian market also weighed on the Oman crude oil market

although Japan has increased the operating rate of refineries and the kerosene inventory has decreased from the highest level in history, the light and high sulfur crude oil market in the Middle East may be supported to some extent. However, Murban crude oil is still neglected. The intended price of Murban crude oil shipped in January was 10 cents higher than the official selling price per barrel

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