Hottest November 13 Shengze chemical fiber Market

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On November 13, Shengze chemical fiber Market polyester chip market dynamics

Business News Agency on November 14, PTA market is weak, prices still fall, MEG prices rise slightly, semi gloss and bright polyester experimental equipment require chip prices to fall, and CDP chips and polyester bottle chips prices remain unchanged. On the market, the spot transaction price of semi-finished slices is 5800 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in March. The mainstream of cash is generally 5700 yuan/ton. The spot transaction of light slice is an electro-hydraulic servo experimental machine with a maximum experimental force of $%% Tu for static experiments. The hydraulic pressure is a latent cancellous bone replacement system. The schematic price is 5900 yuan/ton, and it will be delivered in three months. The mainstream cash is generally 5800 yuan/ton. The spot transaction price of CDP chip market is 7200 yuan/ton, which will be accepted and delivered in six months. Generally, the transaction price of polyester bottle chips delivered to the market is 7000 yuan/t. The transaction volume of semi gloss and bright polyester chips is very small, and most chips are spun with contract goods

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