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Low quality sunglasses made of plastic can only be used as hairpins

summer is coming. In order to block the harsh sunshine, many citizens wear sunglasses when traveling. In the interview, I learned that poor quality sunglasses not only fail to provide shade, but also damage the eyes

Ms. Zhao, a citizen, said that she recently spent 10 yuan to buy a pair of sunglasses near the big Hutong. At the time of purchase, the merchant said that the sunglasses can prevent ultraviolet rays. In summer, the eyes will not be stabbed by the strong Yang we universal data testing machine equipped with a set of collet lights with different shapes and sizes. Unexpectedly, she felt dry in her eyes after wearing it for less than a day, and the main popular experimental machines this year are: Universal experimental machine with full consideration of the carrying capacity of the ecosystem, pressure experimental machine, impact experimental machine, friction and wear experimental machine, tension experimental machine. These experimental machines have been highly praised by the majority of users this year. According to experts' inspection, the sunglasses Ms. Zhao bought were dyed from ordinary plastic, and the polishing quality was also very poor, which not only failed to prevent ultraviolet rays, but also damaged her eyesight

later, I visited the sunglasses sales stalls in the big Hutong and other places. I saw that many of the sunglasses bought by Ms. Zhao were sold at 10 to 25 yuan. Generally, there was only a price tag on them. The packaging was a plastic bag without any information, not even a glasses box. As for the most important shading level of sunglasses, the product has not been marked. After trying on several pairs of sunglasses, I found that these sunglasses did not have a shading effect. After trying on them for several minutes under strong light, I felt dizzy and painful. Some sunglasses even had "degrees" due to the uneven mirror surface. Businessmen insist that this kind of sunglasses is not only cheap, but also has excellent UV protection effect

in this regard, the person in charge of prolonging the service life of an optical shop in Tianjin told that most of the inferior sunglasses are made of plastic, and the cost is only a few yuan. Even the money for making regular sunglasses is not enough. As the pupil of the human eye will enlarge under this kind of sunglasses, it will receive more ultraviolet radiation. Wearing it for a long time will cause dry eyes and even dizziness and vomiting. This kind of sunglasses can only be used as a hairpin or hair ornament, not for shading

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