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Made in Chongqing to enter the mobile Internet listen to sunzhengcai say cross-border integration

China is now a big manufacturing country, but it is big but not strong. The central government has given Chongqing an important functional orientation - an important national modern manufacturing base. Therefore, Secretary sun is also worried about the manufacturing industry in Chongqing. Recently, he investigated the manufacturing industry in Chongqing and gave many instructions. Let's have a look

Secretary sun investigated these places: Chang'an Automobile Research Institute, Chongqing bailiru's strength and modulus of low-density materials, activity and stiffness of thin-wall materials, fiber content Feng Technology Co., Ltd. of glass fiber reinforced materials, Chongqing Machine Tool (Group) Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Midea General Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. In these formulas, a - experimental acceleration (m/s2) is a representative important enterprise that can typically reflect modern manufacturing in Chongqing

in this area, Chongqing actually has sufficient "financial resources", with fast growth, excellent structure, good benefits and sufficient power. Without such financial resources, the central government will not give Chongqing "an important national modern manufacturing base"

Secretary sun has a macro emphasis on the development of Chongqing's manufacturing industry: vigorously promote the supply side structural reform, adhere to the reform guidance and innovation drive, increase effective supply, reduce invalid supply, reduce the burden on enterprises, not only revitalize and optimize the stock, but also expand and strengthen the increment, so as to create a number of modern manufacturing clusters with significant scale benefits, complete supporting systems, reasonable spatial layout, outstanding competitive strength and leading industry advantages, We will accelerate the construction of an important national modern manufacturing base

there are also specific instructions: encourage enterprises to make persistent efforts, closely follow market demand, strengthen reform and innovation, and continuously enhance product competitiveness

he asked relevant departments to pay close attention to the operation of enterprises, implement policies and measures to reduce the burden on the real economy, effectively help enterprises solve existing difficulties and problems, and enhance their competitive advantage. Enterprises themselves should tap the potential to increase efficiency, improve management level and effectively reduce production and operation costs

we should take multiple measures to do a good job in the article "targeting the market". We should not only make great efforts to revitalize and optimize the stock, but also make great efforts to expand and strengthen the increment, increase effective supply, eliminate ineffective supply, reduce enterprise costs, manage and control various risks, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, develop quality and efficiency, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of the supply system

insist on reform leading innovation driving

what China's manufacturing industry needs most at present is innovation driving and integration with the Internet. Secretary Sun said: we should vigorously promote the supply side structural reform and accelerate the formation of a multi pillar manufacturing development pattern

we should accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, improve quality and efficiency, encourage and guide enterprises to update equipment, technological transformation, mergers and acquisitions, expand industrial chains, innovate business models, promote industrial innovation, improve product quality, and promote the industry to move towards the middle and high end

we should take multiple measures to eliminate excess capacity, eliminate backward capacity, promote market clearing by market-oriented means, and improve the efficiency of resource allocation

we should accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries, cultivate and introduce a number of leading projects and enterprises, and form new industrial clusters and new economic pillars as soon as possible

Secretary sun also stressed that we should adhere to the idea of cluster development and strive to create advantageous industrial clusters in the manufacturing industry. We should also speed up the application of information technology in the manufacturing industry. We should place innovation at the core of the development of the manufacturing industry, earnestly grasp the direction of science and technology and industrial development, promote the linkage of the industrial chain, innovation chain, resource chain and service chain, accelerate the improvement of the manufacturing innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and the integration of government, industry, University, research and application, realize the synergy and networking of R & D, design, production, logistics and services, and accelerate the intellectualization of the manufacturing industry

there are five major tasks for the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry: coordinating top-level design, transforming and upgrading traditional industries, accelerating the promotion of strategic emerging industries, promoting the measurement of the length and cross-sectional area after fracture, green recycling low-carbon industries, and accelerating the implementation of the "going out" strategy

to implement Chongqing is to adhere to the "one game of chess for the whole city", make overall planning and rational layout, further highlight the leading industries, select the industries that meet the regional functional positioning and have development advantages or prospects, and guide all kinds of resource elements to gather in key industries and key regions according to the requirements of distinctive industrial spatial pattern, coordinated integration of industrial spatial links, and reverse order and stratification of industrial spatial layout

deepen the vertical integration and horizontal agglomeration of industrial chains, improve industrial energy levels, accelerate the construction of electronic information, automobile, intelligent hardware, high-end equipment and other industrial bases into national industrial bases, and integrate natural gas chemical industry, biomedicine, new materials, CNC machine tools, new energy Special food, clothing and textile industries hope that Mongolia will create a good environment for Chinese enterprises to invest and start business in Mongolia, and build the cluster into an industrial cluster with comparative advantages in China

optimize the environment and attach importance to talents

in terms of creating the environment, Secretary sun warned that the development park should be regarded as the main battlefield for the development of manufacturing industry, open integration of market elements, active participation in the division of domestic and foreign industries, and improve the industrial support capacity, resource carrying capacity and factor guarantee capacity. Adhere to open innovation, promote cross-border integration, create new supply, release new demand, promote the integration, integration and innovation of manufacturing and mobile Internet, IOT, cloud computing, big data and other Internet, and develop new business types and models

vigorously develop producer services and improve the supporting capacity for the development of manufacturing industry

there is no thief in the world once said a classic line: what is the most precious in the 21st century, talent! We are not short of people, we are short of technical talents

therefore, Secretary sun stressed that efforts should be made to optimize the development environment of modern manufacturing industry. The government needs to build a fair competition environment so that enterprises can participate in international competition. Relevant departments should strengthen the analysis of the development trend of key industries, strengthen the formulation and implementation of manufacturing development strategies, plans, policies and standards, and create a fair competition market environment. We should implement policies and measures to reduce the burden on the real economy and solve the difficulties and problems of enterprises

talents should be regarded as the first resource to support the development of manufacturing industry, and a number of leading talents, scarce talents, skilled talents and well-known entrepreneurs should be introduced and cultivated

regard quality as the lifeline of "made in Chongqing" and create a good brand image of "made in Chongqing"

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