MAGGIS, the most popular new energy vehicle enterp

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The White House and the Department of energy of the United States vigorously promoted composite materials

to enter German new energy vehicle enterprises, and MAGGIS was invited to attend the opening ceremony

march into German new energy vehicle enterprises, and MAGGIS was invited to attend the opening ceremony

China Construction Machinery Information

the picture on the left shows Mr. lijinchang, general manager of Zhengxin rubber (China) Co., Ltd.

the picture on the right shows Dr. g ü nter Schuh, chief executive officer.

this month, lijinchang, general manager, the eldest parent of MAGGIS tire, was invited to Aachen, Germany to attend the opening ceremony

learned from Huaibei Municipal Bureau of statistics that the opening ceremony Dr.G ü nter Schuh, the chief executive officer, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony: "today's opening ceremony will be an outstanding milestone in the urban electric vehicle sector. The development of this industrial spirit will bring more opportunities, "

the picture on the right shows senior manager RLO hausberg

general manager Li Jinchang attending the opening ceremony

factory visit

mobile AG is a flagship factory of industry 4.0. It is understood that life will complete the first customer delivery at the end of this year.

general manager Li Jinchang visits mob ile Ag factory from a domestic perspective

opening ceremony

after the opening ceremony, life arranges guests to have a preliminary test ride to pass the mouse's head cover Bone repair experiment test drive experience

general manager Li Jinchang participated in the test ride experience

win-win cooperation

MAGGIS exclusively customized special tires for electric vehicles for mobile AG, a top German electric vehicle manufacturer. It was also exhibited on the day of the opening ceremony

fe is equipped with Maxxis tires, and many guests showed great interest in MAGGIS tires.

this cooperation is undoubtedly a win-win situation. MAGGIS tires are also favored by major automobile manufacturers with their own hard strength. This time, MAGGIS tire designed and manufactured tires for Fe urban electric vehicles, which is of epoch-making significance. We will work together to create a beautiful blueprint for green manufacturing

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