Small family living room decoration skills 5 tips

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For a long time, the living room has played an important role in home leisure and reception of guests, and the limited space of small houses seems to require more attention. So today, Xiaobian will introduce you to a few skills of small house living room decoration, and interested friends, let's have a look

1. Make full use of embedded design

this is a method that most designers will use when facing the decoration of small family living room. On the one hand, this can greatly save living space and free up redundant places to place items. On the other hand, it is also a necessary trick to create a more concise and clean visual effect for the whole home environment. The most common is to embed bookcases, toy storage cabinets, etc. into the wall of the living room

2. Lazy style layout

narrow space is often easy to give people a feeling of crowding and boredom. Therefore, the decoration of small family living room might as well follow the lazy design style, such as cloth pillows with elegant color and soft touch, so as to enhance the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of the house and reduce the depression caused by small space

3. Add jumping elements

if you are tired of a single design style and want to change it, you can consider adjusting the decoration of the small family living room through sofa or wall accessories. It is recommended that you first choose the personalized sofa printed with lattice or stripe, which can help improve the creativity of the living room space while decorating the home environment

4. Collocation of light and soft furniture

if you are afraid of the crowded feeling of the house, in addition to the lazy layout style, the use of light and soft furniture is also very necessary. The so-called light and soft decoration is to avoid too heavy and thick furniture products, such as leather sofas. Although they look high-end and expensive, they are very abrupt and boring when used in the decoration of small family living rooms. It is best to choose simple furniture like the original wooden land, which is economical and saves space

5. Skillfully use color to enlarge space

many times, light color system can also play some unexpected effects in the decoration of small family living room. As shown in the figure below, the faint sky blue can create a comfortable and relaxed living atmosphere just by vision, which virtually helps relax the body and mind. If this color is combined with lightweight yarn curtains, it can also bring residents a sense of tranquility and elegance as if they were in a fairyland. In addition to light blue, light pink, rice white and light yellow are also very good living room primary colors. No matter which light color, you can easily create a warm and personalized leisure place by placing some fashionable home accessories at will

conclusion: how to decorate the small family living room delicately and comfortably is a skill requiring thing. I hope that through the introduction of this article, we can find appropriate design ideas for friends who are worried about the space being too narrow to start with, and create an ideal beautiful and practical living room





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