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Home decoration is a very expensive thing. How to spend less or no money? Of course, home decoration is based on the principle of being suitable for living. The more economical, the better. Experts who have been engaged in home decoration supervision for many years told reporters that the number of decoration projects and quantities is the direct factor affecting the cost, and building materials and processes are the key factors affecting the cost. In addition, the charging standards such as the qualification, scale and management level of decoration companies are also different. Therefore, before decoration, we must first go to the market to investigate on the spot. After knowing the prices of various building materials and labor costs in detail, we can roughly make a decoration budget to be prepared

◆ home decoration pile up labor quotation is bullish

due to home decoration pile up in spring, labor quotation also shows a bullish trend. The reporter learned from the interview that the quotation of local home decoration workers generally increased by about 10% to 20% compared with twoorthree months ago. Every spring will usher in a peak season of home decoration. In recent years, the manual quotation in the home decoration industry has shown a trend of increasing year by year. And every round of price increases will occur at the peak of the business in the spring. Mr. Zhang, an insider, told reporters

with the sharp rise in labor costs caused by the increasing shortage of skilled workers in the industry and the constant and uniform rise in the price of resource-based construction materials, the continuous rise in the price of home decoration in the coming period is a foregone conclusion. Chen Pingchun, general manager of Hubei Chengfeng decoration, said

◆ how much decoration cost do you need? Referring to the principle of 2:4:4

having bought a new house and no decoration experience, how much decoration money should be prepared may be a big problem. As far as the simple and practical basic decoration is concerned, the decoration cost we are talking about now is not only the decoration cost, but also usually includes all newly purchased household goods. It can also be said to be the cost of a new home. Chen Pingchun said that when all products are affordable and quality-guaranteed, the more common one should be about 100000 yuan

according to the introduction, the overall decoration cost can be roughly divided into these parts according to the principle of 2:4:4: first, the construction part of cleaning auxiliary materials accounts for more than 20%; Second, the construction supporting main materials and electrical appliances, including fixed main materials and electrical appliances such as ceramics, floors, finished doors, cabinets, sanitary wares, water heaters, stoves, etc., account for more than 40%; Third, movable furniture, electrical appliances, cloth art and daily necessities account for about 40%. Taking the decoration of a new house with a construction area of 100 square meters, which costs a total of 100000 yuan, as an example, a rough budget can be made according to the approximate cost proportion of the above parts

the decoration cost will fluctuate according to the requirements and consumption capacity of each owner. The basic decoration cost of most rigid demand housing owners is basically about 250 yuan per square meter





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