Bathroom is the highlight of decoration. 5 tips to

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The bathroom is the highlight of decoration, and sanitary ware is the key product of the bathroom. Its purchase and matching are particularly important

bathroom is the highlight of decoration, and sanitary ware is the key product of bathroom, so its purchase and matching are particularly important

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1· When choosing, you should first have a sense of supporting. Every part in the kit should be at the same level. Some parts are high-grade and others are low-grade. As a result, money is wasted and the whole is at a low level. For example, famous brand high-grade ceramic tiles are equipped with ordinary hardware and squatting toilets, so the grade can't go up. Therefore, consumers must know well before buying and determine the expected grade level

2· Determine the drainage mode and installation size of the toilet. Measure the distance between the center of the water outlet and the wall before purchase. Brand toilet is generally 300mm or 400mm. Good toilet has high glaze gloss, uniform glaze thickness and consistent color, which is not easy to occupy dirt and easy to clean. The flushing mode is jet siphon type, which saves water and washes quickly. The shape should be one-piece and all inclusive, which is beautiful and easy to take care of

3· Faucet category: when purchasing faucets, we should pay attention to the quality of faucet spool, the quality of faucet manufacturing material and surface treatment, and whether it saves water. Generally, high-quality faucets adopt imported ceramic valve cores, which rotate left and right, and feel light and smooth. Most high-end faucets are made of brass. The surface coating must be bright, and there will be no trace of breathing or pressing on the surface

4· Washbasin: the shape of washbasin conforms to its own decoration style. Secondly, ceramic glaze should be paid attention to. Good glaze does not hang dirty, and the surface is easy to clean. It is bright as new after long-term use. Good glaze should be free of color spots · Pinhole · Sand holes, smooth surface. Most cabinets are made of imported oak and equipped with famous brand hardware

5· Product service is more important. Sanitary ware products, like air conditioners, are only semi-finished products when bought home. The value of products can be brought into full play only after they are correctly installed. However, many people do not care about the services provided by the products when buying sanitary ware. Most of the problems in actual household use are caused by non-standard installation. A high-quality sanitary ware must provide high-quality services. Although many businesses may represent a well-known brand, they do not provide services or simply outsource the installation to “ Road angel ” In this way, it is difficult to guarantee the performance after installation, so when choosing sanitary ware, you must ask whether the business provides “ Free measurement, free delivery, free installation ” Professional services to ensure that their own interests are not damaged




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