The empty chair- Canadians face first Christmas wi

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The empty chair: Canadians face first Christmas without loved ones lost to COVID-19 - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

The COVID-19 pandemic has cast a pall over the holiday seasonarticleRelatedInlineSecondary, leaving thousands of chairs permanently empty at the Christmas dinner tableRead Thursday.

Many Canadians are contending with a cascade of grief as they prepare for their first Christmas without a loved one who died of COVID-19, said Susan CadellThe government says it will follow up with farms to administe, a social work professor who studies grief at University of Waterloove seen rising vacancy, which is predominantly from sublets, throug.

Special occasions often evoke fond memories of the person who diedThe sudden availability in several provinces of AstraZeneca, sharpening the pain of their absence, Cadell saidvaccine_hesitancy.

The inexorable jolliness of the season can also make people feel more alone in their bereavement, said CadellKanaiya. The pandemic intensifies this isolation, she said, depriving mourners of communal rituals of commemoration and celebrationexcept in regions that have directed schools to move to remote learning.

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